WCTU Drug-Free LifestylesABN: 88 840 697 352

promoting a drug-free lifestyle and Christian values in the home and community

Our Programs

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WCTU Drug-Free Lifestyles educates women about the dangers to their baby of drinking alcohol while pregnant. We have 3 main avenues for this education

- Advertisements on the backs of buses
 - 20 second FASD videos
- Information leaflets and other hand-outs (bandaid packs, notepads)
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Drug Education in Schools
WCTU Drug-Free Lifestyles has a Drug Education Presenter who does programs in State, Christian and Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools throughout Victoria. Programs are suited particularly to Grades 5 and 6 and Years 7 and 8. The programs focus on providing students with factual, relevant, up-to-date information and encouraging them to make wise decisions about their lives.

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We run a range of outreach programs in the community