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promoting a drug-free lifestyle and Christian values in the home and community

Drug Education

Drug Education in Schools

We run a range of programs in schools as outlined in the advertisedments below

Below: Dawn Stark our Drug Ed Presenter uses medical models showing the difference between a healthy liver and one with cirrhosis caused by drinking alcohol. She also has similar models of the heart and kidneys.


Responses to Drug Education programs

"Appropriate and pertinent overview of essential knowledge to assist students to make wise life choices. Engaging and high energy delivery" - Olivet Christian College.

"Well-presented, interesting, engaging, and relevant information. PowerPoint, resources and spoken information were spot-on" -  Macarthur Street Primary School, Ballarat.

"Very informative and beneficial for students to be aware of the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs. Very engaging for the students." - Yuille Park Primary School

"Very appropriate. Detailed enough without being gruesome. Perfect. Interesting voice and movement. I would recommend it to anyone." -  Herne Hill Primary School